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The Secrets of the Sand at Siesta Key

Siesta Key Beaches

Siesta Key has become notorious for the crystal white sand that lies on its beaches. Beachgoers immediately feel the soft, cooling effects the second your toes hit the sand. Siesta Key beach stretches in an eight-mile crescent shape that mimics a moon similar to our own. It casts a white glow amongst an ocean-blue background that will take your breath away.

Since our family has started coming to Siesta Key in 1975, we were left wondering how this beautiful beach came to be. According to Sarasota Magazine, “Siesta’s sand is especially prized by collectors because it’s 99 percent quartz crystal, or quartz ground down until each grain is the same size.” Siesta Key has been listed as one of the best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor in 2017. Siesta Key used to be one of the United States best kept beach secrets until Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman (Dr. Beach) wrote an article highlighting it for one of the first times in 2011.

The unique makeup of the Siesta sands make this beach a particular interest of many holistic thinkers. The quartz crystal is revered as having healing properties, which is why so many individuals leave from their vacations feeling rejuvenated and renewed. You may begin to feel your worries and stresses melt away as you step foot on the sand that has originated from the Appalachian mountains thousands of years ago. The unique shape of the Siesta Key beach has made it a safe haven for the powder-white sand, protecting it from erosion.

While all of these accolades might make it seem like Siesta Key has now become just another overcrowded section of beach in Florida, this isn’t the case. Of course there are times of the year where families flock towards the warmer weather that Florida beaches can provide like Spring Break and the summer months, but there are many other months that the Crescent Beach is beautiful and waiting. May, September, and October are just a few of the months that Siesta will feel like you’re on a private piece of beach.

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