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A few years ago my husband and I stumbled onto the Chalk Festival in downtown Sarasota which by the way we love love the Main Street of Sarasota.  So many great restaurants that I will be telling you about in the upcoming blogs.  But today I want to let you know that the Chalk Festival begins tomorrow.  I was in awe of the talent of the artists –on the sidewalk in Burns Court.  Hundreds of artists turned out on the streets!  They even do their work in 3D.  The Sarasota Chalk Festival is back at its original spot in Burns Court.  And oh by the way that’s near one of my favorite restaurants Owens Fish Camp.  You will see some of the most talented artists from around the world using the road as a canvas to develop masterpieces in chalk.  This art form originated in Italy during the 16th Century.  I have a link here and I hope you will come take a look.  Just one of the great Presentations that I have seen in Sarasota.