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Siesta Key Fishing Charters

Siesta Key is an angler’s playground, with the opportunity to catch a big one out in the Gulf of Mexico. Within the waters, you’ll find a vast array of fish, from snook to tuna and everything in between.

While it’s possible to fish off the jetties and pontoons close to shore, the best fishing is further out to sea. That’s why a fishing charter is such a great option in Siesta Key – it offers an unparalleled opportunity to reel in the biggest and best fish.

Not only will you go home with some great bragging rights, but every angler knows that the catch of the day never tastes better than when it was hooked with your own rod!

Who can go on a fishing charter in Siesta Key?

One of the best things about fishing charters is that they’re a great fun day out for all ages. Whether it’s a group of friends or a family, everyone can enjoy the experience of heading out into the water and enjoying the challenge of hooking a fish.

Fishing charters are especially great for families, and Siesta Key fishing charter companies are very experienced at keeping things fun and safe for younger guests. There is special gear that is suitable for little anglers, and it’s a great way to spend time together as a family.

Plus, even if you don’t catch anything, it’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather, and you may even spot some dolphins and birdlife!

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Types of fishing charters in Siesta Key

There are three main types of fishing charters in Siesta Key: in-shore, near-shore and offshore. Basically, this refers to how far off the coast you go.

The further out you go on the charter, the bigger the fish you can catch. Some types of fish, such as tuna are generally only found way out to sea, more than eight miles from the shore.

That’s not to say you can’t have a great time fishing closer to the coast. Florida’s waters are rich with many species that can be found even within a few miles of the shore, such as snapper, trout and snook.

You can usually choose from tours that are either a half-day or full day. For newer anglers, a half-day is a good introduction, although a whole day out on the water is a pleasure.

Tips for a great Siesta Key fishing charter

Once you’ve decided to go on a fishing charter, it’s usually a matter of finding a reputable company who can organize everything for you. After all, the main thing is to have fun – so you can rest easy knowing most things are taken care of.

Here are a few tips and things to know so you can have a great time out on the water.

  • In general the Gulf of Mexico is pretty calm, however if you are particularly prone to seasickness you might like to chat to your doctor or pharmacy beforehand.
  • You might like to combine fishing with a dolphin tour, especially if you’re heading out as a family. It keeps things interesting for the younger guests!
  • The reflection off the water means that you can easily get sunburned on the boat. Be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat, and bring extra for re-applying throughout the day!
  • Check with tour operators to make sure that you will get to keep the fish you catch. Enjoying the fruits of your hard work is half of the fun! The captain can usually help you store it safely until you get it home and cook it. The sooner you can eat it, the better!
  • Note that limits on the size and quantity of fish you can catch are enforced around Siesta Key. Your tour company can make sure you don’t accidentally fall foul of any rules!

Going on a fishing charter in Siesta Key may well be the highlight of your vacation. Not only is it a fun day out, but it’s also a treat to enjoy deliciously fresh fish straight from the sea, to your rod, and to your plate!