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Siesta Key Water Sports

While Siesta Key presents plenty of opportunities just to sit back and relax, there’s also a swathe of fun adventures on offer as well. In particular, Siesta Key is a hotspot for fun watersports, from serene options such as stand-up paddle boarding, through to adrenaline-pumping choices like jet skiing. If you’ve dreamt of doing it, chances are you’ll find it around Siesta Key.

So, whether you want to fill your vacation with hair-raising adventures or simply spend an afternoon trying something new, you’re sure to enjoy the watersports in Siesta Key.

To help you decide which to try while you’re in this fun-loving area, let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

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Take in the sights from 1200 feet in the air with parasailing! Either on your own or with a small group, you’ll be towed along behind a boat. As the speed picks up, you’ll feel yourself floating upwards, until you’re suspended more than a thousand feet in the sky.

After you’ve taken in the views, you can expect to land back in the refreshingly cool sea before the ride ends. It’s totally safe, but totally thrilling!

Jet Skis

Nothing says summer vacation like weaving through the waves aboard a jet ski. Feel the sea breeze in your hair and conquer the currents as you whizz along on top of the water. You might even be able to pull a few tricks if you’re feeling brave!

Just a tip – if you’re born after 1988, you’ll need to show your Safe Boater card, or take the test to get one before you hire the Jet Ski.

Kayaking and Canoeing

For an adventure that’s a little more relaxed yet still exciting, kayaking or canoeing is a great choice. Navigate your way through Siesta Key’s network of waterways, stopping in at unspoiled beaches and perhaps spotting some of the area’s unique wildlife such as manatees, dolphins and turtles.

It’s a great, eco-friendly way to see the area that is suitable for all ages. You can either join a tour, or just rent a kayak or canoe and head out for your own adventure.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Not all water sports need to involve adrenaline rushes and pumping hearts! Some are wonderfully serene, such as stand-up paddle boarding. SUP, as it’s often called, involves standing on a large and stable board, gently paddling around the water, taking in the views and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Siesta Key is particularly well-suited to SUP, given its network of waterways and beautiful sights. Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for a glimpse of animals such as manatees.


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Another way to spot some of Siesta Key’s unique marine life is to go snorkeling. There are many great places to buy inexpensive snorkeling equipment, which will allow you to discover the world under the sea, such as around the coral reef near Point of Rocks at Crescent Beach.

Here, you can spy plenty of colorful coral and interesting marine animals such as fish and turtles. Don’t worry if you’re not a strong swimmer, most hire companies provide life jackets so everyone can enjoy the undersea delights.

Boat Tours

It seems boats are the most popular method of transport in Siesta Key, and for good reason. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a relaxing day out on the water, or hoping to reel in a big fish, you’re sure to find a great boat tour.

Fishing charters are a particular favorite, although another great option is to take a tour to spot some playful frolicking dolphins. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great day out on the water.

How to book your Siesta Key water sports?

There is no shortage of reputable companies offering tours and equipment hire in Siesta Key, so you’ll have no problems booking your adventure. In peak season, they can get quite busy, so it’s a good idea to book ahead if you can.

You can choose between going on a guided tour, or taking the “do-it-yourself” route and just hiring the equipment. If you aren’t familiar with Siesta Key or haven’t had much experience with the sport, then a guided tour is a great way to get the hang of it before heading off on your own adventure.

As always, don’t forget to be sun smart and bring plenty of water along for your adventure! It’s sure to be a memorable experience in beautiful Siesta Key.